How to use Vedver

I am leaning

I am leaning


Find words, you're interesting in. Use search box on the header, go to word search page, or go to any or language's pages.

Find lists of words on different thematics and languages.


Once, you find a word you can always add it to your learning words.

Once, you find an appropriate list attach it to your lists.


Learn words that you added to your learning words or learn any list of words.

To start quiz - click learn button. On popup select count of words, translation language and quiz to learn.


Check out your activity. Vedver stores results of quizzes you passed.


Progress data helps to understand if the word is well knonw. Mark word as known if you confident that you get to know this word.

If the word marked as known it moves to your knonw words and will not appear on lean quizzes.

I am teaching

I am teaching


Create a list of words. Select language and attach words inside. If list marked as private, it's shown only for owner.

You can create lists for specific task, lesson, or as a homework.


Share list with your students.